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Services: Catering, Personal chef service
City: Chicago, IL, US

About Artfully Delicious

We're vegan superheroes and we tirelessly rage through the night ensuring GREAT food for all catering and personal occasions. We're here 24/7 to ensure you never go hungry! We are a vegan and vegetarian catering service (the leader of the pack goes by Kriss) and we really care about alot of things - most of them are irrelevant things - punk rock, comic books, kittens, modern art and so forth and so on - I digress. What we care about most is food. Good food. GREAT food even (great food is WAY better then good food). We can prepare food for parties as small as 1 or 2 and as big as 3 or 400. Maybe even bigger (we'll need one of those fancy Green Lantern rings to help us cut down the work load for those though - gratuity and fee for Green Lantern battery charge not included). We're Chicagoland's ONLY vegan and vegetarian catering service (sure there are tons of restaurants who offer it, but we're the only ones who do it exclusively) - we're also one of the only caterers who offer a fully interactive menu where YOU pick what you want instead of having to pick from a preset menu. Oh yeah, and we also have a sliding scale to ensure affordability, I've heard affordability is a nice thing these days. We're here for your every culinary need!


1523 N Campbell Ave
Chicago, Illinois
United States

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Phone: 7734264413

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