Ericka @ CATCA

Services: Articles and report, Coordinate animal campaigns, Exp in all ar and aw issues, animal r.w and c issues, Investigate trade of wildlife, Organize animal campaigns, Organize educative events, Political lobbying 4 animals, Seals whales dolphins p. bears, Write articles and reports
Cities: Any

About Ericka @ CATCA

Research,investigation and writing articles and reports about the internet trade of wildlife, animal conservation, monitoring zoo animals, many years of experience lobbying at high end animal conservation meetings, conventions and governments (CITES, CMS, IUCN, IWC), organizing animal events/activities, coordinating large international/small local animal welfare/conservation campaigns, translating documents, so on. I have almost 34 years of experience in AR/AW/AC in several countries and I also have an environmental background. Specialty: seals, whales, dolphins, polar bears and African elephants, but I also have some experience about primates and sharks.


16021, 617 Belmont St
Vancouver, British Columbia

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